Ditch the Car and Move to Gainesville, VA

    The walkable life, everyone wants it, from Millennials to Seniors. Having a home within walking or biking distance (or near reliable public transportation) to the places you need to go keeps the “busyness” stress away. It’s so common in the Washington, DC / Northern Virginia area to feel anxious and overwhelmed by the time dodging beltway, I-66, I-95 and neighborhood traffic that is woven into almost every experience from 5am-7pm in our busy area. We are blessed to have a thriving economy, amazing housing inventory, etc., but all the busyness makes it hard to engage and enjoy family, friends and life.

    Until recently, the conventional wisdom was you needed to live in the city, or real close to it, to be close to the shops, restaurants and amenities that make life more enjoyable. Life in the city or inner suburbs, comes with a hefty price tag and smallish homes, of course, so it doesn’t work for many. But I have a more affordable solution for home buyers searching for the walking life in the outlaying suburbs: Ditch the car and move to Gainesville, seriously!

    The Pedestrian and Cycling Life in Gainesville, VA

    Virginia Gateway at Atlas Walk Way ushered in big changes for residents of Gainesville, VA and Western Prince William County. It brought clothing stores, Giant Food, casual dining and fast food restaurants, doctors, gas stations, SuperTarget, Best Buy and of course, Starbucks, to the newer communities in Gainesville, Bristow and Haymarket.

    The more recent Promenade at Virginia Gateway was a game changer. It brought more sophisticated dining and entertainment options like Trummer’s Wine & Coffee Bar, Firebird Grill, J Crew and Regal Cinemas.

    NV Homes saw the new lifestyle amenities as a great opportunity to create a luxury community within walking distance called Wentworth Green. The homes are fabulous – and the community sold out quickly.

    Ready to live a life you can really enjoy in Gainesville, VA? Want to learn more? I am selling one of NV Homes gorgeous model townhomes in Wentworth Green. Contact me to learn about it – and learn all you would ever want to know about Gainesville!


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